029x — teen wolf
036x — hemlock grove
056x — the amazing spider-man


Basically a grab-bag post of some of the stuff I'm iconing.


We can make the world stop. )

She's an unexpected favorite, this girl. Abigail please survive season 1, I really like you :c!!!

you're a handsome stranger called death. )

Will Graham, as a character, needs more clothes. He's worn the same plaid shirt at least twice already.


a little black dog and the biggest smile. )

I've resigned myself to iconing this whole show as it goes by the week. Seeing as this week p much gave me 1.5 episodes, I'm screwed.


Tall, dark, and handsome, with a cigar in your mouth. )

Quick batch while I go look for a rip of this movie, because Norton.



1920x800 px | borderless | semi-sorted | 625 screencaps

Who's watching Game of Thor? Who wants to see Skrillex in his breakout role as Loki? HEY TAYLOR, BENIOFF AND WEISS CALLED, THEY WANT THEIR SET DESIGNS BACK!!!

No I'm not sorry I just pretty much died when I saw the teaser trailer. It's begun and also Iron Man 3 tomorrow hopefully awyeah!


Under the spotlight, neither black or white, it doesn't matter. )

There's a surprise!Crawford icon in this set, don't mind it. Also, this show has the most serious-business dark scenes ever. Photoshop crashing was 100% more frustrating than usual.

unedited crop > colored thingie idek

!!! Special thanks to [personal profile] chatona for the HD screencaps :)!


What is justice? )