manual: (punk - john water u doin)
danzy!!! ([personal profile] manual) wrote in [community profile] stockholm2013-11-02 04:12 am
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this is a psa.

(kinda) moving to [community profile] bangparty
questionable icon choices ahoy!

Is corelite closed?
Nope, still gonna be posting over here!

Then what's up with the new comm?
It's where I'm going to be posting small mixed icon batches that aren't indexed/tagged the same way things are over here. Basically quick/experiment-y sets I haven't sorted through yet.

corelite = complete sorted icon batches, usually entire episodes/movies, actor/character-centric. bangparty = little to no organization whatsoever, and I lock posts occasionally.

I enjoy complicating my own life, basically.

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