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photobucket problems

Short version: my main PB account for icons has been maxing out on bandwidth a lot lately, and I can't afford to keep it upgraded, so I'm moving accounts. I'm gonna try re-uploading them + splitting them up somewhere else, but that's going to take some time, so if you're wondering where some pages went, this would be why.

Even shorter version: a whole bunch of posts are missing because my bandwidth maxed out, and they're MIA until I can re-upload.

This is balls, man. :c
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total balls dude. :c mega balls.

where you moving to?
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i'd recommend it. i mean you have to pay if you want to see more than four fucking pages but it's damn cheap so i don't mind. it's done me pretty right with all the hundreds of hideous little hannibal squares i keep shoving down its throat. BUT YEAH THAT'S DEFINITELY STILL GONNA SUCK NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, bring tequila