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051; resource } marvel icon starter guide

This is a different kind of icon post.

So I noticed this comm gets the most traffic out of the MCU RP community (which is really amazing - thank you!) and got me thinking about how there isn't really a sort of guide for people icon-hunting, particularly for RPers new to MCU. So here's a little springboard for people in a hurry; I went and collated some of the more familiar names, and listed some of my own resources for those who want to make their own icons. Feel free to (PLEASE DO) add to this list! It's hardly comprehensive, and I don't know where to start with XM:FC/X-Men and comics iconcomms at all. :(

*PLEASE READ THIS if nothing else: Several of these icon comms have their own terms of use; please try to abide by them. All these comms are public, and I'm refraining from indexing closed/select-members comms because that would defeat the whole point of this post. Let me know if there's a locked comm on here!

**UPDATED SEP.9.2012 (The Amazing Spider-Man links to be added later)

a(n unofficial) marvel cinematic icon guide
iconcomm starter directories
marvel-icons [ general marvel icon comm ]
comicbook_icons [ general comicbook icon comm ]
at_once [ various: comics, movies, animated, PBs ]
chaicons [ runaways, young avengers, x-men evolution ]
wikicon [ icon comm directory: ij ]
pb_updates [ played-by/faceclaim directory: ij]
—— ——
iconcomm iron man hulk thor cpt. america avengers non-mcu
werechihuahuas [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] xm:fc
ancientgate [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] xm:fc
bleeding_muse [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] x-men: various
fiendunderpin [ X ] —— [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] various
sways [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] xm:fc
gazgraphics [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] various
suspecting [ X ]
2thousand3 [ X ] xm:fc
crosskey [ X ]
decloaked [ X ]
daxcat79 [ X ]
citadel_icons [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] various
zatgun [ X ] [ X ] [ X ]
attice [ X ]
—— ——
link resources and pb recs
[ X ] Superhero Screencaps - HD screencaps for specific types of movies. Gallery-type view.
[ X ] Home of The Nutty - HD/logo-less screencaps. ZIP/RAR downloads & gallery-type view.
[ X ] Midnight Road - HD screencaps, icons and textures. RAR downloads, with sample gallery.
[ X ] True Fellings - HD screencaps. RAR downloads, with sample gallery.
—— ——
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just a head's up, bb: your cut didn't work. or didn't cut the table, anyways.
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As a note, some communities linked to on pb_updates at insanejournal will be friends only, but not all of them. I'm going to go through my list of comms on IJ and see if I can't find the ones who have MCU actors and actresses and are unlocked here in a few!
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Also as a head's up -- the iron man tag link for fiendunderpin on LJ brings up a 404 which means it's locked or deleted!
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You're welcome!
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this is a cool post :O
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this is amazinggggg thank you! gonna favorite it 8)
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this is such a great idea, danz, and i'm honoured to be included! thanks for such an awesome resource (though i'm sure you only make it look easy). could i ask you to link to my iron man and captain america tags? and remove the link to the hulk icons since as yet i haven't made any! one day... /angryfist@sky
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A fantastic idea, and thanks for including me!

You should also add Tona's, though hers are perhaps not as easily organized? But a lot of people like them so.